Technical College Tokyo/Recruitment Requirements

Courses / Enrollment / Terms of study
  1. 1) Automobile Mechanic Course

    • * Level 1 mechanic course
      Terms of study : 4 years (daytime) Enrollment : 120 students
    • * Level 2 mechanic course
      Terms of study : 2 years (daytime) Enrollment : 160 students
  2. 2) Bodycraft course (Body Repair)

    • Terms of study : 1 year (daytime ) Enrollment : 40 students
Qualifications of Application

*Must concluded 12 years of education in your own country
*Must concluded 12 years of education in your country by March of 2014

Documents for application

Application forms (must be on T.C.T. letterhead)
Diploma and transcript of last education from your country
Transcript and attendance record from your Japanese language school
Diploma or transcript of prospects for graduating from your Japanese language school
Educational background / List of schools attended (must be on T.C.T. letterhead )
Document of medical examination
Copy of alien registration form
Resident's card of guarantor
Guarantor's note (must be on T.C.T. letterhead)


Screening/review for documents of application
Written examinations (mathematics/language Japanese)
Oral examination (interview)

Application Period

Testing Fee : 20,000yen
Application Period : October 1st , 2013- March 31 , 2014
Applicant must apply in person with documents of application and testing fee


Automobile Mechanic Course

1. Enrollment Fee : 330.000yen
2. School Fee (per year) : 1.010.000yen
3. Other expenses (per year) : 140.000yen
First year total : 1.480.000yen

Bodycraft course (Body Repair)

1. Enrollment Fee : 100.000yen
2. School Fee (per year) : 1.100.000yen
3. Other expenses (per year) : 200.000yen
First year total : 1.400.000yen

*T.C.T.= Technical College Tokyo

  • ご不明点・ご質問はこちら 受付時間:平日9:30〜17:30 0120-02-2535


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  • 11/3(土)